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Work procedures for permanent way maintenance, 7th edition

Dietmar Moßmann/Lothar Marx

Reihe: DB Manual

Auflage: 7. Auflage

Format: Print

Erscheinungsdatum: 02/2013

Seiten: 754

Maße: 17 x 24 cm, Softcover

Gewicht: 1.835 g

ISBN: 978-3-943214-03-1


Work procedures for permanent way maintenance provides specialists and managers who plan and execute work on the permanent way with knowledge concerning the interaction of personnel, machines, devices and track equipment during permanent way maintenance. The authors describe the work procedures involved in the repair and installation of tracks and switches, including ballast cleaning and mechanical tamping work. Both formation rehabilitation methods and day-to-day maintenance are dealt with.


The reader is familiarised with inspection and maintenance work as well as the acceptance of permanent way services. The authors also deal with the topic of „ballastless permanent way systems“ (ballastless track system) and developments in track maintenance machines and working procedures.



permanent way, maintenance, inspection, mechanical tamping, ballastless track system

Work procedures for permanent way maintenance, 7th edition


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