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Railway system knowledge – How the German rail system works, 1st edition

Jürgen Janicki

Reihe: DB Manual

Auflage: 1. Auflage

Format: Print

Erscheinungsdatum: 06/2018

Seiten: 288

Maße: 17 x 24 cm, Softcover

Gewicht: 710 g

ISBN: 978-3-943214-18-5


Due to the increasing internationalisation of the railway sector, the DB reference book Railway system knowledge – How the German rail system works is an essential piece of work for all railway employees. It is also a practical tool for professionals starting a new career in the railway sector and employees involved in English-language railway projects in Germany and abroad.


This reference book describes the German rail system in its entirety and explains the interrelationships between its various subsystems. It explains how the main system components – railway operations, rolling stock and railway infrastructure – work, and describes different modes of transport. This first English edition is based on the second German edition of Systemwissen Eisenbahn, which includes numerous updated illustrations and new chapters on maintenance, railway braking technology and trams. It also reflects the changes in European railway legislation and operating regulations.


Railway system knowledge is an essential reference book for all rail employees and a practical tool for young professionals and career changers.


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german railway system, rail operations, integrated rail system, basics, railway vehicles, rail operations, railway infrastructure, DB AG, Deutsche Bahn AG

Railway system knowledge – How the German rail system works, 1st edition


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